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AIV MP3 cutter can extract clips of any length from a MP3 song.These clips can be put as ring
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23 March 2015

Editor's review

AIV MP3 Cutter is a utility to cut MP3 files into pieces. The utility helps you to cut your MP3 files as per your requirement and save the piece again in MP3 format.

Features: This is very useful utility when you have a large sized MP3 file. You can’t copy large files on the device because of size capacity then you would prefer to break the files in two pieces. The user interface of the utility is very simple; anyone who worked on computers can easily use this utility.

To cut your MP3 files, you need to follow simple steps. Open your MP3 file which you want to cut. After opening of file you can see the total track time, time remaining etc. You can play your MP3 file using built-in audio player. You can perform play, pause and stop operations. To cut MP3 file, you need to set start position and end position for new file. The application will show the details for selected file like current duration, start position, end position and length. You can play selected section to confirm your start and end, if required you can change these points. Click on save button to save selected part in MP3 file. Specify the file name and folder for newly created file and save it.

Overall: This is a simple program to cut parts of MP3 file and save in MP3 format. The program performs functions as stated.

Publisher's description

AIV MP3 cutter can extract clips of any length from a MP3 song.These clips can be put as Ringtones of the cell phones.If the size of a MP3 file is going out of space,then the file can be cut and stored in two CDs by using it.It comes with advanced facilities like display of start point, end point and length of selection.It can play the selected part of the (clip) song.Includes volume controller.Not only this,it also supports editing of MP3 Tags like Artist name,Title,track number and etc.
AIV MP3 Cutter
AIV MP3 Cutter
Version 1.9
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Does not say that you need Windows to use it. I cannot see a Mac option so I can`t use it.
Program closes without warning when scrolling thru long file. Needs some improvement
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